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125 years of experience can't be wrong

Occasionally we see students in our more advanced courses who have skipped the Programming 1: Essentials class. Usually they are familiar with SAS or other programming languages. Sometimes they are even fluent and proficient in other programming languages. They feel comfortable skipping the basics and moving on to other classes,

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Jedi SAS Tricks: Some Experience Required

As a Master Chief in US Navy submarines, one of my favorite sayings was “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment.”  I've always had difficulty solidly learning new programming techniques in a traditional classroom.  The new techniques and theories I've learned don’t really take root until I've used them to solve

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Random acts of kindness

 Biked to the train station this morning…felt the wind, watched trees waving in the breeze…flew past Highway 403 with trucks whizzing by…felt noble about being environmentally conscious…took the side path to the station…slowed to a halt beside the bike parking lot…opened my backpack to take out the key to lock

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Who is Miss SAS Answers?

Dear Miss SAS Answers, I have several questions for you: Who are you really? What’s up with the Miss SAS Answers character, anyway? Will you answer all of my SAS questions? Signed, Curious The answer to that last question is, "Well, maybe. I know there's one I won't answer for