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SAS author's tip: displaying integrity constraints

Kirk Lafler and his book PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS are the source of this week's tip. PROC SQL was the very first book that I promoted when joining SAS. Kirk was the perfect first SAS Press author to work with and he remains a favorite. And his book continues to appeal to users--whether they're online or at conferences.

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SAS author's tip: Help from the DESCRIBE TABLE statement

The first line of this week's SAS tip grabs your attention, "PROC SQL provides a helpful (though potentially dangerous) tool in the form of the DESCRIBE TABLE statement." SAS author, consultant, and member of the SAS-L Hall of Fame Howard Schreier included this intriguing statement in his book PROC SQL by Example: Using

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Jedi SAS Tricks: Some Experience Required

As a Master Chief in US Navy submarines, one of my favorite sayings was “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment.”  I've always had difficulty solidly learning new programming techniques in a traditional classroom.  The new techniques and theories I've learned don’t really take root until I've used them to solve

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SAS author’s tip: SQL pass-through

Consultant Frederick Pratter continues his winning streak with this third edition of Web Development with SAS by Example. Web programmers of all levels will appreciate Frederick's many real-world examples and clean delivery. Speaking of delivery, I'd encourage those of you who attend SAS Global Forum and regional user group conferences to seek out Frederick if

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