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JMP Essentials book wins international award

Congratulations to Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler! Their book, JMP Essentials: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for New Users, has won an Award of Distinguished Technical Communication in this year’s International Summit Awards presented by the Society for Technical Communication. The award goes to a project that “applies the principles of

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Meeting the Authors of JMP Essentials

Last week, I got a chance to meet up with authors and San Francisco JMP colleagues Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler while they were in Cary, NC, on business. Despite their super hectic schedules, they kindly agreed to get together at 8 a.m. in the lobby of the swanky Umstead

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'Tis the season

This is surely an exciting season, not just because Santa’s on his way and there’s a new year around the corner, but also because an exciting new book from SAS Press has just been published. Veteran SAS Press author Sandra Schlotzhauer has followed up her Elementary Statistics Using JMP and

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An Exciting and Challenging Journey

Contributed by Brenda and José Ramírez, authors of Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step-by-Step Guide A few years ago an exciting and wonderful opportunity presented itself to us. The JMP team approached us with the idea to write a book for engineers and scientists. From a professional

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A Whole Lotta Happy!

The North Carolina State Fair just closed. This year’s theme was a “A Whole Lotta Happy” and drew in a record-breaking 900,000 people. Whether you go there for the rides or the games or the exhibits or the animals or the giant pumpkins or the latest fried concoction, the State