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ESTIMATE Statements - the final installment

FINALLY…the simplest ESTIMATE statements to write are for continuous variables not involved in interactions or higher order terms. Consider a data set containing the 2004 SAT scores for each of the 50 states. The file includes the combined math and verbal SAT scores (TOTAL), the state (STATE) and the percent

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"Easy button" for ESTIMATE statements

My previous blog demonstrated the most difficult type of ESTIMATE statement to write—a two-way (or higher) ANOVA with interactions. An "easy button" for ESTIMATE statement comes by having a simpler model. Models with only main effects and no interactions make writing ESTIMATE statements straightforward.  Consider first a one-way ANOVA. A

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The magical ESTIMATE (and CONTRAST) statements

When asked to select the best (or worst) of something in a business setting, do you wish you had "magic glasses" to see the answer? PROC GLM and other statistical modeling procedures have their own versions of such an item with their ESTIMATE (and CONTRAST) statements. They allow you to