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Resolution of Text Fields in Stored Processes

So you modified the SAS EG character formatted constraints to resolve automatically with surrounding single-quotes. (Seen below from Stored Process Wizard and Management Console screens.)                 Of course, the pain now is trying to pass dynamic parameters through the %stpbegin & %stpend statements.

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SAS OLAP Data Provider Install Tip

Problems connecting to the SAS OLAP Server in MS EXCEL after downloading ONLY the SAS OLAP Data Provider on a virgin SAS Machine? When installing the SAS OLAP Data Provider for use in MS Excel Pivot Tables, be sure to use the Integrated Technologies for Windows download, rather than the

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OLAP Values - Size Limit Beware

MDX has a limit to the length of values used to query. Therefore, all OLAP data must maintain a format less than 256 characters in length. You can follow the steps below to reduce the size during PROC OLAP creation (using OLAP Cube Studio) and then regeneration using the PROC

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