Mark Stevens
SR Certification Specialist

Mark Stevens is a Certification Specialist for SAS Global Certification and has been working in training and certification since 2004. A SAS Certified Base Programmer since 2010, Mark enjoys every opportunity to dive into new SAS products and features. When he isn’t working on the next SAS certification, he can be found coaching his kids’ soccer teams.

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New SAS Visual Analytics certification launched

The SAS Global Certification program is proud to announce the release of a new credential: SAS Certified Visual Business Analyst Using SAS Visual Analytics. This credential is designed for analysts who are using SAS Visual Analytics to explore data and create insightful data visualizations. With SAS Visual Analytics now deployed in over

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SAS certification's 2011 U.S. tour

SAS certification exams at regional user group meetings It's almost fall (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere), and that means it's time for regional user group meetings. And while these meetings are all about mingling with SAS users from your area, it is also happens to

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New Certification Record Set

Records were made to be broken, and the SAS Professionals Convention continues to break them year after year.  Held each year at SAS UK headquarters in Marlow, this three day conference provides an opportunity for SAS professionals to network with peers, learn about the latest SAS technologies, hear from industry

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Interview Advice for the Aspiring SAS Programmer

Last week on the SAS Training Facebook page, I answered a question about what to expect during a job interview. It's a question I've seen before, since I speak with students about SAS Certification, and many of them seek certification in pursuit of a first job. And while certification can

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