How can you get students and kids excited about learning SAS?


studentsLearningOur big data problems have only just begun; new studies have confirmed that SAS is the most valuable career skill in the increasingly competitive job market, and the analytics skills gap is a big issue that education at a grassroots level could help solve.

It’s more important now than ever to give kids the tools they need to succeed in our fast-paced world. Everyone wants to give their kid a leg up before (and during) college, especially if learning can be easy. And… who says learning can’t be fun?

The key is to make learning relatable. Analytics can often be seen as a complicated, abstract topic that might intimidate students, but A Recipe for Success Using SAS® University Edition: How to Plan Your First Analytics Project by Sharon Jones, Ed.D.  maps SAS to a relevant metaphor (cooking) and provides fun case studies that students can re-create on their own terms and tailor to their own interests. With this book, students of all ages can get up and running in no time with a free download of SAS® University Edition. A Recipe for Success Using SAS® University Edition walks readers through the basics of SAS® Studio, then shows them how to use basic programming and data collection to re-create projects from real students who made a difference in their schools and communities by using SAS.

Christopher Battiston says, "Sharon Jones' book A Recipe for Success Using SAS® University Edition ties two of my favorite things–food and SAS–into a compact book full of easy–to–read analogies that teach essential SAS skills. From planning your analytical project to building a report, Jones' method of showcasing these critical steps allows both new and experienced SAS users to get the most out of their day. This book, in conjunction with Ron Cody's An Introduction to SAS® University Edition, will enable completely inexperienced SAS programmers to be up and running in no time, with very little frustration and a whole lot of fun."

Data is a part of our everyday patterns, and students may not be aware that they already participate in regular data collection. When students can find the relevance to their own lives and can see and create actionable results, you can bring excitement to almost any concept. With a little time, a little data collection, and A Recipe for Success Using SAS® University Edition, learning SAS is totally… “a piece of cake!”


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