How to have coffee every morning with a SAS Certified Data Scientist


I am a data source, and so are you.  It begins in the morning when we grab a cup of coffee at our local coffee shop and tap the screen of our tablet to browse the day’s headlines.  Just in this simple routine, data can be used by companies to tailor news articles to the subjects that you care about and ensure your local café has your favorite brew when you want it.

The field of data science blossomed from the need to make sense of the growing amount of data that is being collected all over the planet.  So what is a data scientist?  In short, it’s a breed of analytical data expert who uses his or her skills in mathematics and computer science to gain valuable insights from data, often requiring new and creative solutions to data problems.  There are an estimated 3 million jobs for individuals with deep analytical skills on big data that need to be filled by 2018.  And those filling those jobs are experiencing exciting career growth and a rise in annual earnings.  SAS has been in the field of data science for over 40 years, before the term lit up with popularity.  This is why SAS is launching the SAS Academy for Data Science.

One of the primary architects behind the academy is Catherine Truxillo (friends know her as Cat).  I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cat for some time now and I’ve heard rumors, a few I may have started.

Cat grew-up building predictive models….out of Legos.

Before being viewed by Cat….data cleans itself.

Cat once analyzed a billion rows of data…with an abacus.

After spending some time with Cat, you’ll realize these things are probably true and that she and her multidisciplinary team of advanced analytics professionals have natural gifts for teaching statistics and data science.

Watch Cat in action in this short video where she explains the benefits of attending the academy.

About the Academy

The SAS Academy for Data Science is comprised of 2 levels, each spanning over a course of 6-weeks. A series of exams are woven in to the curricula to reinforce the skills that are learned during the courses.  After passing the exams, students will earn two new advanced SAS certifications.

Level 1, Big Data Certification, builds on basic programming skills to manage and explore big data using SAS.  This material prepares students for the exams to earn the SAS Certified Big Data Professional credential.

Level 2, Data Science Certification, is centered around the application of advanced analytics to big data.  Students develop their skills in analytical modeling, machine learning, model deployment and automation, and communication skills.  This level prepares you for the exams to become a SAS Certified Data Scientist.

With these two new certifications, students can leave the academy with proven credentials to help them stand out to employers and position them to provide real value to their organizations.  But, the benefit extends beyond that.  For those who wake-up curious and enjoy solving problems, they can tap in to their natural interests by using SAS and other technologies to discover hidden trends and develop a new understanding.  The tools to explore our world continue to get more powerful.  Learn how to use them. Please, I need my morning news and coffee.

Visit the SAS Academy for Data Science to learn more.


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