The Most Unusual Way You’ve Learned JMP


How do you learn best? In your sleep, when the unconscious mind is most receptive to suggestions?


Calling to the “powers that be” for one of those “aha” moments when everything just sinks in?


Swearing to your parents that you were actually studying when you came up with this plan?


When I was in school, way back when, my favorite way to learn was in the most serene place possible.


Well, in Robert Carver’s latest book, “Practical Data Analysis with JMP®, Second Edition," he makes learning JMP as easy and relaxing as possible. With his help, things like “initial rendering of 3D Scatterplot with Density Ellipsoid” will seem like child’s play.


You can leverage JMPs visual and intuitive environment in the service of *understanding* statistical concepts and still relax…Believe me, Robert will be your HERO!

So, find that “happy and unusual way” to learn, grab Robert Carver’s latest book as an instrument to build your JMP knowledge and kick back for some intellectually stimulating reading.

I’m ready, how about you?

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