At least 6 reasons to visit the Publications booth at SAS Global Forum


I know you’re going to be very, very busy at SAS Global Forum. But there are at least 6 good reasons why you should add the Publications booth to your must-see list:

1.)    Books, books, and more books. For purchase onsite, for order, for preview. On virtually any SAS topic you can think of. And at a 20% discount.

2.)     Meet some really cool SAS authors.  They’re often hanging around (when not presenting) and will definitely be in our area during the Monday night reception in the demo room from 6:00-7:30. Have a photo taken, get a book signed, ask how they got started writing…

3.)    Talk to us about new book topics you’d like to see us cover. Or, better yet, talk to us about writing your own book for us. One of our acquisitions editors will always be on hand. Plus, we’re hosting two informal chats about getting published. Join us on Monday, March 24 from 6:00–6:30 p.m. or on Tuesday, March 25 from 3:00–3:30 p.m.

4.)    Learn the latest and greatest in SAS Documentation. Our team looks forward to sharing new features and helping you find and use the information you need.

5.)    Play the fun Publications game. While I won’t reveal the theme of the game in this post, let’s just say that you should elect to stop by and check it out. Plus there’s a leaderboard, a prize for the winner, and some unique photo opportunities.

6.)    Get to know our staff and tell us how we can better help you. A highlight for all of us attending the conference is to meet and talk with you. :)

I’m excited about seeing many of you in a couple of days! Let's just hope it doesn't snow.



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Shelly Goodin

Social Media Specialist, SAS Publications

Shelly Goodin is SAS Publications' social media marketer and the editor of "SAS Publishing News". She’s worked in the publishing industry for over thirteen years, including seven years at SAS, and enjoys creating opportunities for fans of SAS and JMP software to get to know SAS Publications' many offerings and authors.

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  1. Michael A. Raithel on


    These are all good reasons to stop by the SAS Press booth in the demo area of SAS Global Forum 2014! Another good reason is that browsing the books, talking to the authors, meeting the SAS Press staff, etc. is bound to give you some great ideas. You will get ideas about new SAS techniques to try, ideas about publications that will help you in your job, and even ideas on a SAS paper that you can write--or maybe even a title for your own book for SAS Press.

    So, come for all the reasons above, and leave with a wealth of great ideas!

    (aka Michael A. Raithel)

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