New PROC REPORT book will help you tackle your reports with ease


Want to impress others with professional reports of any level and any amount of detail through creative techniques?  Want to tackle each report put before you and break each challenge down into manageable pieces?

Lisa Fine’s new book PROC REPORT by Example: Techniques for Building Professional Reports Using SAS is what you need to turn what seemed complex into a matter of practice.  Applicable to SAS users from all disciplines, Lisa’s real-life scenarios will help elevate your reporting skills learned from other books to the next level.

Each chapter focuses on a different concrete example, showing an image of the final report along with line-by-line explanations that take you through the process of creating that report.  This tutorial approach helps you understand how each step contributes to the total report.  Lisa’s logical, step-by-step approach enables you to tackle even the most challenging reporting requirements.

As one reviewer pointed out, this book “shows the vast and impressive capabilities of PROC REPORT, not only for new SAS report writers, but also for experienced SAS report writers.”  It’s an especially effective learning tool.  The accompanying data and code make it extremely easy to find solutions to common, everyday challenges and  tasks that programmers encounter. 

You will gain valuable insight into PROC REPORT with this new title and be able to impress others with your new or enhanced reporting capabilities.  With PROC REPORT by Example: Techniques for Building Professional Reports Using SAS, what seemed complex will become a matter of practice!






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