Which statistical topics would you like to see in upcoming SAS books?

SAS statistical titles

a few of our popular statistical titles

Over the years, we have published a good variety of statistical books. SAS for Mixed Models is one of our top sellers, as is Categorical Data Analysis Using SAS and SAS for Linear Models. And our books on survival analysis and logistic regression by Paul Allison are always a big hit. We even signed up several authors to write statistical books in 2013 (and you’ll hear about those in a future post). While we do have some great titles, I know we haven’t covered everything.

I’m putting together my wish list of stat topics, but I want to hear from you. What statistical topics do you want to see us cover?


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  1. Shelley Sessoms on

    Hi Arun. We do have an econometrics book underway by Anders Milhoj. I'll email you and see if we're covering the topic you requested. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. It would be truly helpful to have a book solely dedicated to 'panel data econometrics'. Although I am a long time user of SAS and love it for my programming, I am always in double mind whenever it comes to panel data econometrics, considering the large number of books and applications in STATA. Thereby, a gentle request on applied panel data econometrics using SAS from basics to advanced topics like testing endogeneity, instrumental variable, VAR models etc. A comparison now and then to STATA would certainly make the book a big hit and a REALLY useful one for researchers. This is my gentle thought, thanks for having this forum. Please feel free to email me and I look forward to your thoughts on this.

  3. Shelley Sessoms on

    Hi, Larry. Thank you for your suggestion. We just signed an author/professor last year to write a Bayesian and MCMC book. We're excited about this! Would you be interested in being a reviewer for this topic? If so, just let me know at shelley.sessoms@sas.com and I can point you to the reviewer form.

  4. It would be great to have a book on Bayesian Analysis in SAS. Something similar to SAS for Mixed Models. With more and more Bayesian capabilities in GENMOD and other "non-Bayesian" procs, and with the wonderful growth in PROC MCMC, it is time for a textbook.

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