Bestselling SAS books: third quarter 2013


Find out which SAS books were bestsellers during the hottest months of the year. While our books aren’t typically beach-reads, we did see a nice spike in sales during this period. And if you’ve followed some of our posts featuring top selling SAS books in the past, you’ll recognize some familiar faces (covers) here. Plus, a few newcomers to the list.

To determine rankings, we compiled sales of both hard copy titles as well as their eBook counterparts:

The top 11 bestselling SAS books – third quarter of 2013

 Have you used any of these books in your work?

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  1. Shelly Goodin

    Hi Kris and Paul - thank you so much for your comments about some of our best selling books. :) We (and the authors) greatly appreciate them. Happy holidays!

  2. I noticed that author Paul D. Allison, Ph.D. has two books in the top 10. 'Survival Analysis Using SAS - A Practical Guide' and 'Logistic Regression Using SAS - Theory and Application'; both Second Editions too. These are excellent books and at an approachable level - quite educational and "pracitical".

  3. The Little SAS Book is really popular! Coincidentally that was the first SAS book I read too. I've also used the SAS Certification Prep Guide and Survival Analysis Using SAS before.

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