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How to Become a Top SAS ProgrammerSAS author Michael Raithel says it best: “Why shouldn't you be the person who gets the most challenging assignments, who contributes the most to key projects, who gets the top pay, who is sent to training, who management counts on, and who junior programmers look up to? The answer to all of these rhetorical questions is that there is no good reason to the contrary. You should be the top SAS programmer in your organization!”

In Michael’s highly anticipated new book How to Become a Top SAS Programmer, you’ll be well on your way to becoming that programmer. Whether you’re a beginner programmer or have years and years of experience, Michael can help. Beginning with three ways he thinks programmers will benefit from his book:

  1. This book gives SAS programming professionals a list of practical ideas they can use to develop top SAS programming skills and maximize their professional standing in the world of information technology specialists.
  2. It's also right for SAS professionals who want to be the top SAS programmer in their organizations, well-known top SAS programmers, top-earning SAS programmers, or all three.
  3. SAS professionals who are self-motivated and who are willing to learn more and do more than just what their jobs require will benefit the most from this book.

SAS expert Art Carpenter said in his review of the book “No one says that the goal will be easy or quick, but like the marathon runner that he is, Michael lays out the course and shows how to finish strong.  You will be so entertained by Michael's writing style, you won't realize that, behind all of his enthusiasm, he has actually been lecturing you on how to make yourself more productive and your job more enjoyable.”

See how Michael Raithel’s new book can help you. You can also view a free book excerpt on his author page.


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  1. Michael A. Raithel on

    Dear SAS Programming Professional,

    SAS is a powerful tool you can use to solve your organization's many and varied needs for turning raw data into useable information. You already know this and are doing it every day. This book provides a plethora of methods you can employ to become the top SAS programmer in your orgnization. Don't settle for anything less than reaching your full potential. Go for it!

    ----Michael A. Raithel

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