Book writing business: Emmett Cox answers a reader’s question


Last month, a question came in via an earlier blog post. Peter Timusk, a reader of SAS books and potential author, asked Emmett Cox how to be seen as the expert you are by writing a book. Emmett was more than happy to answer Peter’s question.Emmett Cox

“First pick a topic that suits your expertise, and stay focused on that topic. For me, the topic was retail analytics. The topic should be obvious to you, and one that you are passionate about. Also one that you have mastered, and have a deep level of expertise in. You need to demonstrate this expertise though real case studies with real outcomes. In my case, I wanted to show both positive and negative cases…those that worked perfectly and the mistakes that were made along the way. Showing these mistakes may help others avoid them. 

I had more than 20 years of experience to pull from, and many different retail organizations as examples. This helped to validate my experiences and offer some variety for the reader.”

If you’re interested in being seen as the expert you are, and writing a SAS book, let us know in the comments field on this blog.


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