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Each major SAS release contains new products and hundreds of new features and enhancements. So how do you discover the ones that will make the most difference for you? For SAS 9.4, the Publications team wants to help.

For many years, Publications has produced a What’s New book that provides rich detail about the many new things in each SAS release. With so much new, the What’s New book has typically been several hundred pages long. Your challenge has been to glean from that information what the big ticket items are for you, whether you’re an analyst, an IT manager, a data architect, a scientist, etc.

For SAS 9.4, we’ve tried to boil it down for you. The What's New in SAS 9.4 book provides an executive summary of the significance of SAS 9.4 in areas such as IT, big data, and analytics. Of course, you can still use the What’s New to find rich detail about the new products and hundreds of new features in SAS 9.4 too.

Get your free copy of What's New in SAS 9.4 (available as a PDF file, an eBook for your eReader or tablet, or in HTML) here.

Making Information Easier to Find

Also for SAS 9.4, the SAS Documentation home page has some new features to help you find information more quickly. For example, when you search, you can now specify up front which SAS product you are using. Doing so can dramatically reduce the number of search hits returned, bringing the information you seek closer to the top of your results.

And, the SAS Programmer’s Bookshelf now detects if you’re accessing it from a mobile device and, if so, presents you with a more mobile friendly view.

Finally, a SAS Syntax Index has been added to the SAS Documentation home page. We recommend this index as the fastest way to quickly double-check the syntax for a proc or other SAS language element.

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