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SAS and the Global Warranty and Service Contract Association (GWSCA) recently teamed up to create the first-of-its-kind training for professionals in the warranty management field. In this Q&A, GWSCA president and course instructor G. Terry Hawkins, shares information about the course and the benefits for students.

Why did SAS and GWSCA decide to develop a course focused on warranty management?

Warranty management is receiving new attention with companies looking to increase their bottom lines and improve customer satisfaction. However, there’s never been a professional organization for warranty managers or formal training.

In many cases, warranty professionals were left to learn on the job, which meant making quite a few mistakes.

These courses will help properly train professionals to implement an effective warranty management program, while also providing a platform for sharing best practices.

What type of student can benefit from the courses?

We designed these courses to help both newcomers and veterans in the manufacturing industry.

The Warranty and Service Contract Management: Best Practices course is taught in a classroom setting and is good for people who have varying levels of experience with warranty and service contract programs and want to learn how successful programs operate.

There’s also on-site training available with the Warranty Maturity Model Assessment course. In this course, we use what’s known as the “The Maturity Model,” to guide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as they evaluate their warranty management and service contract programs.

Is there a popular technique students will learn in the courses?

The Best Practices course provides insights into all aspects of warranty and service contract management, from a legal overview, to finance, and including operational aspects.

The Maturity Model yields an understanding of the warranty process maturity for the organization, complete with a road map to the optimized process state.

You can learn this and more in the new Warranty and Service Contract Management: Best Practices course. It debuts May 21-23 in Cary, NC.



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  1. While I may be biased due to my involvement with the GWSCA, I can say the candid feedback from individuals that participated in the "test teach" sessions was very positive. SAS and GWSCA did a great job of collaborating on the material, development and delivery - thanks to all that made it happen.

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