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Many marketing researchers, companies and business schools need to use statistical procedures and accurately interpret the result. That's why SAS Enterprise Guide, which uses a user-friendly drag-and-drop menu to extract statistical information, is so popular. Marketing Research with SAS Enterprise Guide includes 236 screen shots to provide a detailed explanation of the software. Based on a step-by-step approach and real managerial situations, it guides the reader to an understanding of the use of statistical methods. It demonstrates ways of extracting information, collating it to provide reliable knowledge, and how to use these insights to solve day-to-day business and research problems.

When asked why he wrote this book, author Kristof Coussement said, “Together with my co-authors Karine Charry and Nathalie Demoulin, I wanted to prove that marketing research is as simple as cooking! My grandmother always said that mixing the best ingredients with a good recipe always results in a perfect dish.

Rather than untangling statistical formulas, the book focuses on when to use which tool. Rather than explaining the marketing research concepts, the book visualizes each and every step. Rather than using artificial examples, this book uses real-life examples which are free for download from the book’s website. These ingredients combined with the best recipe ever, i.e. using a consistent pedagogical approach throughout the book, makes this one of your most favorite reference works to solve your day-to-day marketing research questions with SAS Enterprise Guide.”

This title is not published nor distributed by SAS, but we do feel it is a useful resource. To find out more, or to purchase, visit Amazon.


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