Verifying a SAS BI installation


After installing SAS Business Intelligence, I would also suggest verifying that all is working appropriately before adding users or importing content from another machine. (My template checklist is included below.) The act of creating the content is an extremely important test (to immediately rectify issues with accessing data, or saving to the SAS Content Server).

For installers who want to be super fast about this, a few items can be built in advance and run from a BASE SAS or Enterprise Guide with relatively little tweaking on any environment. PROC INFOMAPS will create an information map for your use and PROC OLAP creates OLAP cubes without going through the clicks of a SAS OLAP Cube Studio. That could then quickly set up the content to build/test the remaining items.

Sample OLAP Cube Code (v9.3)
Sample Proc INFOMAPS code

Checklist for Verification

  Interface Function
1 RDC onto Server by SAS Administrator Ability to stop and restart all SAS Services
2 SAS Management Console Import tables from an access library (Oracle, SQL, etc)
3 SAS Information Map Studio Create sample information map
4 SAS Web Report Studio Create and save sample report
5 SAS OLAP Cube Studio Create sample OLAP Cube
6 SAS Enterprise Guide Open sample OLAP Cube
7 SAS Enterprise Guide Create sample Stored Process
8 SAS Enterprise Guide Open SAS data table into project
9 SAS Portal View sample Stored Process
10 SAS Portal View sample Web Report Studio Report
11 SAS Portal Ability to change user preferences
12 SAS BI Dashboard The BI Dashboard interface opens successfully
13 SAS BI Dashboard Create indicator data from an Information Map
14 SAS Add-in to MS Office (Excel) Open sample OLAP Cube in Pivot Table
(Word) Create sample graph report off data table
(any) Execute Stored Process Sample
15 SAS DI Studio Ability to view data and execute a sample ETL process
16 SAS DI Studio Ability to schedule a task

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