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Kathy Council's keynote at MWSUG 2012

I am now back from MWSUG, where I gave the opening session keynote. I was a first-timer at MWSUG, and I would like to congratulate Rex Pruitt and Donalee Wanna for co-chairing a great conference. My keynote went well, but I no longer have a 100% success rate on everyone in the room learning something new from support.sas.com. But, hey, Leroy Bessler was the only hold-out! Not surprising, since he’s been a SAS user for a long time. In fact, he was one of the founding members of MWSUG.

Some of the regional user group conferences have started including a philanthropic opportunity as part of their conference. At MWSUG, Twin Cities Rise! was showcased at the opening session and as a sponsor for the event. This organization helps give people a hand-up to learning a trade and becoming successfully employed. They have a great track record. We heard from one of their successful graduates and the organization was very impressive.

I’m back in the office for the rest of the year. It was a wonderful September for me, between vacationing at Nags Head and attending two regional conferences. I’m so happy I got to meet some new SAS users. I hope to hear from all of you again.


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  1. Kathy Council

    When you get a chance, let me know the two things you learned. I like to highlight the least well-known things on the site. It was good to see you, too!

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