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Have you ever tried to put something on the Web, and then it looks different for other people (or maybe doesn't work at all)? ... And you eventually found that it was because they were using a different browser?

That's one of the reasons I like traditional SAS/Graph output -- it's simple html pages and png images.  It's pretty much universally supported on all browsers on all platforms (unlike ActiveX or Flash), and there's nothing extra to install (such as an Adobe PDF viewer, SVG viewer, ActiveX control, Java version, etc).

But, even though I'm pretty much immune to the browser differences, I find it interesting to track which browsers are the most popular.  And interestingly, the title of "World's Most Popular Browser" changed hands this year!  Although Internet Explorer had this title wrapped up for many years, Google Chrome has finally overtaken the top spot (according to data from

Here's my SAS graph of their data (and a link to the SAS code):

Worldwide Browser Popularity

Their website also had some interesting data on Mobile Operating System popularity, and I couldn't resist plotting it too (here's the SAS code if you'd like to see it):

And since they had the data available by country, I couldn't resist also plotting it on a map (and here's the SAS code for that):

Which browser is your favorite, and why?

Which Mobile OS do you think will be the most popular, and why?  And, do you think the Mobile OS popularity will be divided along country/region/language lines?  Document your forecast in a comment, so that years from now you can have proof you were right! :)



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