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SAS Publications participates in a number of conferences, from SAS events to solution and industry-focused conferences. We know our customers are looking to make the most of their conference experience, and we want to make your visit to the Exhibit Hall as helpful as possible. We want to know your likes and dislikes when it comes to visiting this area of a conference.

What’s your favorite part of a conference Exhibit Hall? Do you stroll through the booths every chance you get, looking for information and hoping to talk to experts? Do you go just for the pens, key chains, notepads and associated logoed items? Do you drop by just at break time for a refreshment? What makes you say “wow” when visiting an Exhibit Hall?

What do you dislike about Exhibit Halls? Do all booths look and act the same? Is it too crowded, too noisy? Do you not get the information you need?

If you’ve ever visited the SAS bookstore at a conference, you know we bring books for you to browse and purchase. What else could we do in the Exhibit Halls? Would you rather see us sponsor tracks or lead discussions about book topics? What will make your conference experience better?

We attend conferences for you, our customers. So help us make the experience a positive one. Leave a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see us do differently!


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Shelley Sessoms

Online Community Manager

Shelley Sessoms is an online community manager on the Digital Experience team at SAS. She also curates the SAS Learning Report newsletter and contributes to the SAS Users blog. During her 17 years at SAS, she has written numerous customer-facing communications, as well as helped close to 100 employees and customers become authors through the SAS Press program.

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