Creating a prompt for a group of data values without the administrator's help


I have previously spoken about using custom formats and from SAS Information Maps and how they can be used to categorize data differently for your end users. The problem for some is that this requires establishing the format on the SAS server, typically on lockdown by the SAS Administrator. Another option is to create a separate column in the data itself to have a hard coded value ready for prompted filters, but this could require your Data Administrator and modifications to the ETL process. No ding on these people or roles, but what if you could do it today & on your own without any intervention from them? Well, I'm here to tell you that you can! Directly from SAS Information Map Studio!

Here is an example. For SASHELP.CLASS sample data set, there is an AGE value. But instead of choosing an age range (via numeric range prompt) or a single age value (via a numeric prompt) your users would just like to choose one of three categories to generate their report:
1. preteen
2. 13-15 year olds
3. over 15 year olds

First, create a text prompt that includes these three values. Here is my screenshot:

Information Map Prompt Group
Custom Text Prompt with Identified Groups

Next, create a new data element in the Information Map. Click the 'Edit' in the Expression Settings Area and include the SQL code.

Information Map Custom Data Element
CASE Statement Used to Create Data Grouping

Finally, develop a filter that uses the new data element and the new prompt.

Information Map Prompt Group
Custom Text Prompt with Identified Groups

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