SAS Certification hits the big 4-0


The SAS Global Certification program concluded 2011 with a bang by awarding the 40,000th SAS credential.  Program growth has continued to accelerate ever since the 1999 launch, with a dramatic 53% growth in the total number of SAS certifications awarded in the last two years alone.  With SAS credential holders in 77 different countries, the SAS Global Certification program is helping to increase the level of SAS software knowledge around the world.

But what does this milestone really mean?  It verifies that employers and individuals are realizing the value of a certification from SAS.  And what does participation in the SAS Global Certification program mean for you?

  1. It increases your career opportunities and marketability.
  2. It enhances your credibility as a technical professional.
  3. It allows you to earn industry validation for your hard work and SAS knowledge.
  4. It sets you apart from the competition in a very competitive marketplace.

The SAS Global Certification program also gives potential employers an understanding that hiring a candidate with SAS credentials means they’re getting a qualified professional with proven proficiency.

So where do you start?

  1. Determine which certification path is best for you.
  2. Prepare for you exam.
  3. Schedule and complete your exams.

Don’t have access to SAS at your school or work? 

No problem.  A learning version of SAS is now available at an affordable price in the US and Canada.   As aptly described by our friend Chris Hemedinger, SAS OnDemand for Professionals is SAS, running on "the cloud," and you use a supplied version of SAS Enterprise Guide to access it (along with a good collection of sample data).  One of our SAS training instructors, Kathy Passarella also wrote a blog about SAS OnDemand for Professionals.

So, what do you think?  Will you be the next SAS Certified Professional?


About Author

Terry Barham

Manager, SAS Global Certification

Terry is Manager of the SAS Global Certification program. He has an extensive background in the development and operation of high-stakes certification programs in the IT industry as well as experience in the development and delivery of technical training.


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