Are you curious about George McDaniel?


He’s quick-witted, fit, and skilled with the written word, but there are many layers to SAS Press acquisitions editor George McDaniel. And George’s colleagues have taken the liberty of revealing some unique qualities of this multi-talented man.

George's SAS Press superlative is:
a) most likely to develop a conspiracy theory.
b) most likely to survive a natural disaster, manmade disaster, or alien disaster.
c) most likely to hike the nearest mountain trail.
d) most likely to be a spy.
e) most likely to maintain his cool.

George's authors enjoy working with him because:
a) he's fair, honest and a terrific mediator.
b) his vast editorial experience and ability to make challenging situations manageable.
c) he's so easygoing, responsive, and diplomatic.
d) he's diplomatic; he should be Secretary of State!
e) he has a quirky sense of humor.

George will be representing SAS Press at SESUG (October 23–25 in Alexandria, Virginia) this year. If you get a chance to meet him, definitely ask him about:
a) his granddaughter.
b) his latest marathon.
c) running 26.2 miles; biking to work; hiking; writing; his book collection; Key West; Paris (he’s an interesting guy!).
d) how well he and journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson got along.
e) his hiking adventures.

George’s favorite author is:
a) a science fiction author.
b) Ayn Rand.
c) Hunter S. Thompson.
d) Himself.
e) hard to say as he is an avid reader, but he most recently mentioned Hemingway (I think it had something to do with his vacation to the Florida Keys).

Second to being a SAS Press acquisitions editor, George’s dream job is:
a) being an author himself.
b) caretaker of Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home and cats while writing his own books.
c) writing the Great American Novel, in Key West.
d) best-selling author.
e) to be a writer and leave the editing to someone else.

Do you have an experience working with George McDaniel that you'd like to share? Post your comments here!


About Author

Stacey Hamilton

Acquisitions Editor

Stacey joined SAS in 2008 as an editor for SAS Press, after a long career at a university press. She has worked in nearly every facet of the book publishing industry, from acquisitions to proofreading to manufacturing.

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  1. Go George !!!

    Quite a list there. Im not sure about the caretaker at Ernest Hemingways home if you want to get any writing done. I think your better to keeep away from Key West to be honest

    But keep on dreaming and you will get there

    David Ralph

  2. George is one smart guy with an awesome sense of humor! He's also a prolific author of books and stories, which btw I can't wait to read.

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