(Mostly) True Confessions from SAS Global Forum 2011


Besides experiencing a few Elvis sightings, hanging out with Venus poolside, and temporarily joining a Cirque group--I got a chance to meet some really grounded SAS superstars at SAS Global Forum 2011.

And since today is my first day back in the office post-conference, I’m revealing a few marquee moments:

  1. Meeting new SAS users and spending quality time with long-time Twitter contacts, SAS Press authors, and even SAS colleagues (whom I don’t get to see often enough back in Cary, NC)
  2. Presenting my first ignite session (thanks to SAS colleagues Meg Crawford and Kirsten Hamstra) on The 3 A’s of Social Media: Authenticity, Audience, and Awareness.
  3. Participating in the business meeting with SAS Press authors and cheering them on to social media engagement.
  4. Attending the famed SAS Press authors' dinner and enjoying great conversation.
  5. Playing the role of paparazzi at the SAS Press mega book drawing and hounding winning attendees into having their pictures taken for our Facebook page.
  6. Actually, just taking lots of photos in general (post opening session, in the demo room, at various SAS sponsored mixers, and of skin care professionals...)
  7. Having one-on-one conversations with conference attendees and our authors and sometimes helping make connections between the two.
  8. Comparing notes with SAS Press colleague Shelley Sessoms on the return trip to NC.
  9. Treating myself to a much needed massage (thank you Canyon Ranch Spa) after hauling around a heavy bag and video equipment for 4 days.
  10. Shooting video of SAS authors and a few customers and students who use our books. This was my first year focusing on video vs. audio and I look forward to soon making these segments available on-line!

If you weren’t able to attend SAS Global Forum yourself this year, you can revisit some excellent presentations—for free—by visiting SAS Global Forum on the go.

If you’re on Facebook, be sure to visit SAS Publishing and check out our conference photos. And if you visited our bookstore at the conference this year, be sure and comment here or on Facebook and tell us about your experience.


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Shelly Goodin

Social Media Specialist, SAS Publications

Shelly Goodin is SAS Publications' social media marketer and the editor of "SAS Publishing News". She’s worked in the publishing industry for over thirteen years, including seven years at SAS, and enjoys creating opportunities for fans of SAS and JMP software to get to know SAS Publications' many offerings and authors.

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  1. Shelly Goodin on

    Hi AnnMaria, I missed seeing you this year! You must come see us in Publications in Vegas next year--or we should plan to meet up. And, of course, consider writing your own book for us.

  2. It was fun, wasn't it? You know what's nuts is that I did almost none of the same things as you, not that I wouldn't have found the social media sessions interesting or the SAS authors - I didn't even get to the publications this year (yes, i can't believe it either). There was SO much going on that there were always two or three sessions I wanted to be in at once.
    Maybe I'll run into you next year.

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