Adding Negative Solve Orders to OLAP Calculated Members


OLAP Calculated Members need to be tested to ensure that the numbers are correct in various tools. What we recently found was that the member tested properly in the OLAP Studio View Cube but then in Web Report Studio, the measure wasn't correct. Essentially, it was calculating the custom measurement on only the visual data displayed on the screen - when the member needed to take into account all the data in the cube.

SAS Notes this in:

But, when going back through and creating new calculated members in OLAP Cube Studio, the GUI interface provides a Solve_Order selection. The interface only allows values from 0 to 100.

But we needed to set the value to -5000 so it's processed before the visual totals (with a default solve order of -4096). No worries. Just leave the solve_order selection alone on this screen. Save the measure. Then go back to the edit screen:

And manually type in the statement:
 ", solve_order=-5000"


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