Let Your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions Include SAS Press


As you’re making your New Year’s Resolutions or reconsidering some that you’ve already put on the list, be sure to think about including SAS Press. Here are our Top 10 Suggestions:

  1. Check out the latest SAS Press books. In 2010, we published 20 books. In 2011, we’re on schedule to publish another 20 books! Keep tabs on their progress by signing up through the SAS Publishing interest list.
  2. Take your favorite SAS Press books with you wherever you go. You’ll find SAS Press books on Kindle and available through Bookx24x7, netLibrary, and Safari. We’ve recently expanded the availability of SAS Press ebooks by adding them to Google Editions and soon they’ll be available through Apple’s iBookstore.
  3. Send us your wish list of topics. Based on your feedback, we have identified many analytics topics to develop--Survey Data Analysis, Bayesian Statistics, Power and Sample Size, Statistical Graphics, Text Mining, Survival Data Mining, Modern Regression Analysis, JMP and SAS companions for textbooks. What else needs to be on the list? Drop us a line at saspress@sas.com.
  4. Become an author, yourself! In the latest issue of Authorline, Shelley Sessoms has listed the books that we contracted for in 2010, and she’s ready to hear from you! For more information, visit support.sas.com/saspress.
  5. Come to see us at a SAS User Group conference or professional conference. This year, you’ll find us at SAS Global Forum 2011, INFORMS, ENAR, PharmaSUG, Joint Statistical Meetings, JMP Discovery, SESUG, WUSS, MWSUG, SCSUG, NESUG, PBLS, and A2011, to name a few.
  6. Be sure to check out the SAS Talks series. You’ll likely find one of your favorite SAS Press authors presenting. The lineup of presentations can be found at: http://support.sas.com/community/events/sastalks/
  7. Consider adopting a SAS Press book for use in your classroom. From introductory statistics classes to advanced graduate-level analytics courses, SAS Press books offer examples that can help support concepts you’re covering in your class. Check out http://support.sas.com/publishing/instructors.html for resources we offer to instructors.
  8. Sign up to review SAS Press books that are under development. We are always looking for SAS and JMP users who are interested in participating in technical reviews as books develop. For your efforts, you can receive a significant book credit to use toward the purchase of SAS Publishing products and a copy of the book when it is published. Drop us a note at saspress@sas.com to let us know of your interest.
  9. Join in conversations around SAS publishing products, events, and SAS authors. Become a fan of the SAS Publishing on Facebook. Join the Fans of SAS Books group on LinkedIn. Subscribe to SAS Publishing News and receive our monthly newsletter.
  10. Send a note to your favorite SAS author and tell him or her why you like his or her book. SAS authors offer a valuable service to the SAS user community by offering best practices and tried and true techniques for using SAS and JMP software. Developing this content takes countless hours, and no doubt, this content helps save you countless hours! When we ask SAS authors why they write SAS books, their universal response is to help other SAS and JMP users get up and running quickly, solve problems, and improve their skills. They would love to hear from you! All SAS authors can be reached through saspress@sas.com.


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  1. Great list of new year’s resolutions! I hope all SAS users at any level take advantage of your suggestions to leverage the true power of SAS for getting things done. Knowing 'how' to complete a programming task is over half the battle.

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