Certifiable: An Adventure in Pursuing SAS Certification


Those of you currently studying for the SAS Base Programming exam might enjoy this 9 minute video interview with Stacey Hamilton and Christine Kjellberg, two employees from SAS publishing who recently challenged the exam. Over the past year, they have shared their experience preparing for the exam on the SAS Publishing blog in a series known as "PROC CERTIFY."

I especially like Stacey's point that preparation requires a combination of "studying certification guides and SPEL lessons, but also using SAS in your daily job…It’s a combination of studying and actually using SAS.”  Could not have said it better myself.

Thanks to Stacey and Christine for sharing their PROC CERTIFY experience with us!


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Mark Stevens

SR Certification Specialist

Mark Stevens is a Certification Specialist for SAS Global Certification and has been working in training and certification since 2004. A SAS Certified Base Programmer since 2010, Mark enjoys every opportunity to dive into new SAS products and features. When he isn’t working on the next SAS certification, he can be found coaching his kids' soccer teams.


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