Taking care of my cats and book piracy…huh?


There are 93.6 million cats owned in the United States; 33% of all U.S. households have at least one cat. Book piracy on the Internet has reached epidemic proportions with more than nine million copyright-protected books illegally downloaded late last year and an anticipated 50% increase this year.

I have two cats—Boguey, a Himalayan blue point, and Chloe, a tortie-colored stray that showed up on my doorstep about two years ago. I take great care of my cats. At SAS® Publishing, we strive to take great care of SAS users who choose to publish with us. How do taking care of cats and taking care of SAS authors relate? Here you go; I thought you would never ask!


  1. Health: Provide cats with nutritious food and fresh water. As a SAS programmer, expanding and developing your skills are important parts of your growth. Reading books written by SAS users provides you with a well-balanced diet of examples, tips, and techniques to improve your skills. Speaking of “health,” downloading a pirated copy of a book could give your computer a virus.
  2. Play: Stimulating toys are fun for you and for your cat. Related to “health,” playing with pirated books or software is not a safe way to learn. Pirated files usually come from scanned copies. There is no guarantee that the material has been proofread or that all pages are in order or intact.
  3. Safety: Cats are nosy, remove unsafe objects, and shut off danger zones. I recently lost half a day at work when Nosy Me clicked a link that reportedly had an illegally posted SAS book. It took hours to get my computer analyzed and approved for work again. Be safe. Stay away from illegal sites.
  4. Behavior: Set boundaries and reward your cat for positive behavior. SAS authors spend a significant amount of time and effort writing their books. They deserve to receive the royalty fees due them when their books are sold. Get your books from SAS Publishing or from one of the many online resellers that offer our books. Good behavior is rewarded with the self-knowledge that you’ve done the right thing; integrity is often rewarded with a good night’s sleep. (Cats love to sleep!)

Boguey and Chloe are important in my life. I want the best for them. SAS Publishing provides our authors with exceptional service, guidance, and support. We strive to ensure our authors’ works are available in multiple formats and through a variety of online resellers.* I appreciate the time and effort that SAS Press authors put into writing SAS books. Help us control the misuse of the authors’ intellectual property.

*Online access to SAS Press books is available through Safari Books Online, Books24x7, NetLibrary (through your local library) and as an e-book download through Amazon Kindle (which has apps for your Windows PC, iPad, Blackberry, Mac, Android, and more). Coming soon, SAS Press e-books will be available through Google Editions.

Boguey, male, 14 years old

Chloe, female, age unknown


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Sandy Varner

SAS Publishing Operations Manager

Sandy joined SAS in 1980 and has been in publishing for over 30 years. In addition to supporting the SAS bookstore, she also focuses on business development with resellers in the publishing industry such as the Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Google, and Barnes and Noble.

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  1. Michele Burlew on

    Two of my favorite topics: books and cats! Thanks for addressing the issue of book piracy and how it affects SAS authors. I appreciate that SAS is “pouncing” on the piracy issue! Cute cats!

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