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It’s been a week and I’m finally recuperating from working SAS Global Forum in Seattle. Not that I’m complaining. The conference, as well as Seattle, was invigorating—and my very favorite SAS Global Forum thus far (I’ve attended 4). Seattle was anything but drippy.

So grab your cup of java or hot cocoa and let me tell you why Seattle rocked:

  • SAS Publishing launched its own version of Wheel of Fortune in our spacious area of the demo room floor (strategically placed near the men’s room—how’s that for increasing foot traffic?). It was easy, really. Customers would buy a book, spin the wheel, and then win a prize. And not to be outdone by Vanna White, mistresses of the wheel Margelet Jones and Judi Rourke were up to the task.
  • Thirty SAS Press authors took the stage during the demo room reception to each present one lucky winner with a copy of their most recent book. The event drew a huge crowd, and we were so pleased with the turnout for this mega book drawing! Look for photos that paparazzi (I mean SAS Publishing social media specialist Kirsten Hamstra) took on our Facebook page.
  • SAS Press launched several new books at SAS Global Forum, including new titles from Ron Cody, Paul Allison, Susan Slaughter and Lora Delwiche, Stephen McDaniel and Chris Hemedinger, Warren Kuhfeld, Frank Leistner, and many more. Our once full shelves were pretty empty by the last day of the conference and Lou Metzger and his book sales team were always busy
  • SAS Press editor-in-chief and restaurant aficionado Julie Platt hosted the fabulous annual authors’ dinner in downtown Seattle. Thirty-eight authors joined us for great conversation and food. The impromptu after-dinner gathering with SAS Publishing director Sean Gargan, colleagues, and authors at the Seattle Taphouse provided another opportunity to catch up. Look for a future guest blog post on Open Mic from author Mike Zdeb. Thanks Mike! By the way, you too can join us in the future if you write a book for SAS Press. E-mail SAS Press author recruiter Shelly Sessoms to get started.
  • In an effort to introduce our authors to the power of using social media to connect with readers, Kirsten Hamstra and I presented a social media toolkit workshop. Kirsten did a great job leading, and several of our authors are hopping on the virtual bandwagon.
  • Per usual, I brought my hand-held recorder to interview scores of SAS authors, along with a few fans of SAS books, on-site at the conference. Next week, instead of writing, you’ll find me slaving over 17 podcast interviews! Also, stay tuned for YouTube videos featuring authors.
  • If I didn’t mention how great Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are I would be remiss. After spending a week in this area, experiencing the cool, clean air, the incredible views, the fantastic food, and eco-friendly vibe, I have decided that I will one day live there. Convincing my husband of this will be a much harder sell, unfortunately.

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Shelly Goodin

Social Media Specialist, SAS Publications

Shelly Goodin is SAS Publications' social media marketer and the editor of "SAS Publishing News". She’s worked in the publishing industry for over thirteen years, including seven years at SAS, and enjoys creating opportunities for fans of SAS and JMP software to get to know SAS Publications' many offerings and authors.

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  1. Joanna Benz on

    I really like the idea about revising what you write. I usually edit a blog post at least two or three times before I consider it finalized. Good reminder!

  2. Shelly Goodin on

    Wish I'd gotten a chance to explore Seattle more! Maybe next time. Besides hiking, I will reserve a spot to take the Haunted Seattle ghost tour of downtown. Some of my colleagues and SAS Press authors were able to find time to do this.
    Loved getting a chance to chat with our authors one-on-one, as well as SAS users---at the convention center, during the authors' dinner, at the SAS Tweet Up mixer, and more.
    Next year's SAS Global Forum is in Las Vegas and I believe is being held at Ceasar's Palace (rumor has it that you are quite familiar with this venue).

  3. You are right--besides the husband, must convince my lovely dog with an aversion to water (who avoids the backyard if it's rained 2 days prior. Her paws might get damp) .

  4. Rob Harrington on

    Did you venture into Washington at all? The Cascades are majestic!
    Sounds like a great and productive trip. I bet there were some very intriguing dinnertime conversations happening.

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