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What do you get when you have a ballroom full of people discussing ways to make their companies better? Well, for one thing you get a room full of happy people, but for another you get a jam-packed day at the SAS Global Forum Executive Conference.

Analytics was a key issue being discussed by a number of Executive Conference attendees. Almost every session I attended, and every person I spoke with, mentioned analytics as a key to good decision making. And I was so proud to know that we, SAS Press, had books (both current and upcoming ones) that would address the analytics needs of basically every organization represented at the conference.

I've been attending the technical SAS Global Forum for years, finding out which programming or statistical topics we should cover next. So, it was very interesting to talk to the executive audience and discover their needs. Some issues overlapped...more modeling, a deeper look at fraud and revenue optimization...but some topics were fairly new. Social Media Analytics became a hot topic with the launch of a SAS product during the conference. Lots of attendees are eager to learn more about social media. And we hope to help them in their endeavor -- stay tuned to SAS Press, we're in the process of lining up a social media book!

See what I mean? Again, I'm proud to work for an organization that responds to customer needs.


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Shelley Sessoms

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Shelley Sessoms is a Community Manager in SAS’ External Communications group. She joined SAS in 2002, and has worked in both the Communications group and SAS Press. Shelley is a true "connector" at heart and is thrilled to be working with SAS customers.

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