Open up File Level Security for the BI Dashboard Configuration


(SAS 9.2) To get the SAS BI Dashboard to work appropriately, the users who have Role level access to modify and create Dashboards MUST also have read/execute/write access to the BIDashboard configuration folder (example of this location: C:\SAS\EBIserver\Lev1\AppData\SASBIDashboard4.2)

1. SAS Management Console:
The Group "BI Dashboard Administrators" by default is assigned to the Role "BI Dashboard: Administration". This must be assigned to those users who will be creating and modifying BI Dashboards.

Role "BI Dashboard: Administration" allows the SAS Administrator to Modify the Access Controls granted to BI Dashboard Administrators.

Finally, the Group "BI Dashboard Users" provides general viewing access of content for the SAS BI Dashboard product ~ meaning that if the Dashboard is going to move to the SAS Portal, those users should be included within this group.

2. Windows File Level Security:
Folder Level Access is then required for all SAS BI Dashboard Administrators.

SAS recognizes that this folder permissions structure isn't ideal and are planning to move this information into the metadata system in the next release of SAS BI Dashboard.


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  1. Updated Note from SAS: File access for such object is needed for the user runningweb application server, and only that user.To create dashboards You need not only role, but also metadata access tosome locations. BI Dashboard Administrators have it by default, if Youjust grant role to user it will not be enough. With just role You willreceive access errors on metadata folders, not filesystem folders.

  2. Absolutely sure. SAS has stated that in 9.3 the SAS BI Dashboard will write content to the Metadata Server. Until that point, the SAS Users who will be creating the BI Dashboard ranges, indicators, dashboards, etc MUST have write access to the MIDTIER server location. Without it, you are simply unable to save some of these content types.In order to be a BI Dashboard Admin you do need to be a member of that group AND have write access to the folder configuration location mentioned in my post.

  3. HelloAre You sure?Folder structure You point is in my opinion on MidTier server. If so then no sas users needs account on such server. All actions are on behalf application server user. Moreover in 4.2 You need permissions to some folders in metadata. If You just grant role You will receive access denied on metadata level. Been there, tried that. Some folder have write for BI Dashboard Admins group, so best way is to be a member of such group.Regards

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