Changes to the OLAP Viewer for EG 4.2


A couple of changes to the interface tripped me up this month. Included are some quick notes.

1. My Favorite Feature is the MDX Editor
Since I create Stored Process Queries off of OLAP cubes, I start with the MDX Editor. (Writing MDX from scratch is very painful. Trust me.)

BUT the MDX Editor Button Moved! Who moved my Cheese?
Oh wait, here it is. Under the 'Edit View' top menu item.

2. Another fun feature is to create my own measure on the CUBE. Where did that go?
   a. Change bookmark menu to 'Customized Items and Sets'
   b. Select New to view menu for creating new measures/members.

3. Creating a percent of total? All you need to do now is right click in the cube and select 'Create Percent Of >' to include! AWESOME CHEESE!


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