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Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend David Pogue’s dynamic presentation at SAS on Web 2.0. In addition to being a popular New York Times columnist, author, and CBS news correspondent, to my delight, Mr. Pogue is also a former Broadway conductor. Experiencing Mr. Pogue’s one-man show, combining technology, creative genius, and singing, was incredible. For a tech industry girl who used to choreograph dances for unwitting younger neighborhood kids and continues to make up ridiculous songs at home for her husband, his presentation was truly inspiring.

So shortly after becoming a Twitterholic last spring, I began to follow (no, NOT stalk!) Mr. Pogue on Twitter. When @pogue announced that he was going to pose 1 or 2 questions per day and eventually create a book based on contributions from fellow tweeters, it struck a chord. Each evening I eagerly awaited the newest questions and tried to respond with as much late-night wit as I could muster in 140 characters or less. I even persuaded my best friend from childhood (@sjacob09), who was new to Twitter, to join in. Scores of others followed suit and before long the holy grail of social media had been obtained—a genuine conversation between @pogue, participating tweeters, and others enjoying the ride. With over 500,000 followers at the time (and now over a million), Pogue’s concept for creating a crowdsourced book was indeed a hit.

Out of 25,000 tweets, Pogue eventually whittled them down to 2,500, and the book The World According to Twitter was born to strong early acclaim (one of my tweets was even mentioned in the review: "I was crowned Miss Watermelon at local pageant as a teen. Parade, interviews ... embarrassment to last a lifetime!").

As a thank you, a personalized complimentary copy of the book was delivered to each contributor. I was so excited to have a few tweets included in this book and received my copy a few weeks ago. Even though the inscription reads “To Julieanne's mom” and I don’t have any children—all of course is forgiven (and can probably be blamed on fatigue from his book-signing marathon). If you do happen to know Julieanne’s mom, though, please let me know.

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Shelly Goodin is SAS Publications' social media marketer and the editor of "SAS Publishing News". She’s worked in the publishing industry for over thirteen years, including seven years at SAS, and enjoys creating opportunities for fans of SAS and JMP software to get to know SAS Publications' many offerings and authors.

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  1. I'm really hoping @pogue inscribes your new copy of the book to The Watermelon Queen, not to Shelly or @sgoodin.

  2. Thanks so much, David (Mr. Pogue, @pogue)!
    You are too kind!
    Best of luck with "The World According to Twitter"
    AKA @sgoodin, faux Julieanne's mom

  3. Hey Shelly!
    Oh, good heavens... apparently there was a slipup downstream from my signing, where the envelope-stuffers were! Can you email me your Twitter name and address, and I'll get a properly signed book to you?!
    Sorry 'bout that!

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