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SAS tops the list, again

I'm not even at work yet, but I've already learned that SAS has been ranked as the #1 workplace on the Fortune 100 list for 2011. SAS was also number 1 last year in 2010, and has been high on the list since its inception. I'm sure there will be

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Statistics: why doesn't everybody love them?

I am not a statistician, but I love statistics. Statistics are facts, and when used for good, they are an important ingredient in sound decision making about almost any issue, whether it's about government policy or your personal behavior. The use of statistics has gone way beyond counting things, computing

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Hey, I'm still here!

Today's Australian news journal features an article about how Dr. Jim Goodnight swept into Australia for the SAS Forum event, delivered his remarks and pressed a few palms, and then was on his way back home -- according to the article -- on the very same day. That's not exactly

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Numero Uno

This sign greeted me as I was driving into work this morning for a routine appointment at our onsite health care center. Appropriate, don't you think? Last year at this time, I downplayed the importance of being the actual #1 company to work for, stating that the "staying power" that

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"You have Jail"

North Carolina law enforcement officials can now track individual criminal histories using a much more comprehensive collection of data, all managed and accessed via software provided by SAS. According to this recent news article, transitioning from the archaic text-screen-based system to the new web-based interface is "like switching between Pong

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SAS does cool stuff

The SAS UK folks have put together a profile of SAS on BigAmbition.co.uk, a site meant to attract young people toward IT careers. The SAS profile includes a nice video that describes SAS as a company and what people can do with our software. While you're looking at videos, be

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Nutty uses for SAS

Almost daily, I hear reports of scientific studies in which the researchers have used SAS for the data analysis. Typically I don't dig into the details because, frankly, the studies are usually way over my head. But this one about the effect of nut storage, nut size, and nut soaking

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SAS takes you to school

This is one of the coolest uses of SAS I've seen: optimizing school reassignments. I spoke with paper coauthor Rob Pratt before SAS Global Forum this year about this topic. I found the project's origin interesting: CEO Jim Goodnight was chatting with the Wake County Schools superintendant at a cocktail

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Polar bear, polar bear, what do you see?

I see some donors looking at me. At least, that's how I read the last paragraph of this piece about SAS in the local Raleigh newspaper today: WWF, a global conservation group, uses SAS software to determine which potential donors to contact, and how frequently. One recent campaign boosted WWF's