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SAS-L: 25 years old and still spry

The popular mailing list for the SAS user community hits a milestone this weekend by turning 25. 25 is often referred to as the "silver anniversary", but for a quarter century SAS users have found gold among the messages in this list, which feature everything from questions and answers about

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This list goes to 11

It's almost 2011, so let's reflect on the top 11 posts (by number of visits in 2010) on this blog. Not all of these posts were written in 2010; in fact, some of these date back to 2007. But apparently they are oldies and goodies. 1. SAS 9.2 and SAS

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Smart Cats with blogs on stats

Let's face it: ever since cats learned how to access the Internet, they've managed to besmirch their prestigious status as the "smarter-if-a-bit-aloof" pet. They've starred in many demeaning YouTube videos, bringing shame to their species for the sake of some cheap laughs. But I'm here to tell you: there are

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Who let the Devs out?

Look out, SAS and software nerds: there are more techy blogs headed your way via blogs.sas.com. Beginning this week, I've been joined by two of my fellow SAS R&D staffers: Rick Wicklin presents The DO Loop, which focuses on SAS/IML and other subjects of interest to statistical programmers, and SAS

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