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In an effort to save you a few clicks, here are links to a few of the most popular posts:

10 tips for organizing your SAS Enterprise Guide projects
A tidy project is a happy project.

Frequently asked questions about SAS 9.3 and SAS Enterprise Guide
They work together like magic. Nuff' said?

SAS 9.2 and SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 on Windows 7.
What versions of SAS run on which versions of Windows is a hot topic, both on this blog and within our SAS support notes. The good news is that the latest versions of SAS support Windows 7 and Windows 2008.

Lengths and Formats: the long and short of it.
New SAS users: learn the difference between what a value looks like and what a value is.

SAS Enterprise Guide for SAS Programmers.
This is also one of my most commented-on posts. And I still enjoy these discussions at just about every SAS user event that I attend.

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