Crio FAQ: What organizers are available, and how do I add them to my lesson?

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Graphic organizers help students identify the relationships between facts, concepts, or ideas. Using the Element choices under Organizers, Crio authors can add various helpful features to a lesson. Have an idea for an organizer you need but don't see? Let us know!

Current Organizer Types

2-Column: Organize content, demonstrate relationships between concepts and ideas, or record notes.

3-Column: Organize content, demonstrate relationships between concepts and ideas, or record notes.

Input-Output: Identify and demonstrate the relationship for a rule or function.

Organizer Functionality

Features available for all organizers

  • Swap one organizer for another: Need to swap a 2-column organizer for one with 3-columns? As with question elements, use the swap option to make the change. Simply select the new organizer type from the drop-down menu. Note that not all content will be maintained after a swap.
    Curriculum Pathways CRIO Swapping Organizer

    It is easy to swap one organizer format for another.

  • Number organizers: Authors can number an organizer as well as the question elements contained within.

    Authors can easily number organizers and the questions within them.

  • Duplicate/copy organizers: If the organizer contains elements, then those elements will also be copied.
  • Add student feedback: Feedback can only be entered for the organizer element as a whole, not for each question element.
  • Move organizers anywhere on the page, as with other elements.
  • Authors can drag all question elements: text, audio, image, video, documents, or Google Drive elements into any empty cell of the organizer.

Features available for some organizers

  • Authors can add up to 15 rows.
  • Authors can easily delete rows using the trash can.
  • Reorder rows: Any elements/content within each cell will remain after reordering.
    Curriculum Pathways CRIO Reorder Screen

    Use these functions to reorder or delete rows within an organizer.

Functions not currently available in organizers

  • Drag multiple elements into one organizer cell.
  • Replace an element in an organizer cell by dragging another element into the current one.
  • Drag an accordion, a table, or another organizer into the cell of an organizer.
  • Place organizers side-by-side in a lesson.
  • Add additional columns to a 2- or 3-column organizer.