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5 SAS Curriculum Pathways Hidden Gems

Every school day thousands of teachers and students use the over 1,500 free resources in SAS Curriculum Pathways. Many will visit the most popular lessons, tools, and apps, such as Writing Navigator, the Algebra course, or the U.S. History document-analysis series. All are enormously helpful to students and teachers. But the 1,500 resources also

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Enhance Language Skills with Spanish Grammar Resources!

Are you looking for resources that teach linguistic competence (about the language) and communicative competence (meaningful communication)? Spanish Grammar in Practice has 11 interactive resources that enhance listening, reading, and writing skills with extension activities for speaking skills. Each offers three levels of Spanish instruction--beginning, intermediate, or advanced--with the focus

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Elementary Spotlight: Spanish

In Curriculum Pathways, elementary students and teachers will find a wealth of thematically organized resources that are age-appropriate and help students learn basic expressions, words, and phrases in context. Students explore and discover the Spanish language and culture by interacting with the resources. Our Spanish Language Videos introduce and reinforce

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Online Professional Learning–At No Cost!

Keeping up with the pace of technology innovation–while simultaneously planning resource integration in an online, blended, or traditional classroom–is really more than a full-time job. So why not earn renewal credits while you do it? Through our online professional-development course offerings, participants learn how SAS® Curriculum Pathways®  helps educators achieve academic goals

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Teleport Your Spanish Students!

Jumper cables, safety goggles, rubber gloves, a charmingly mad scientist, an endearingly animated and naïve student, a dangerous-looking contraption for “teleportation,” a boondoggle of frayed electrical wires—this unlikely mélange forms the set for our Spanish language videos—which follow the adventures of Miguel Del Mundo and his sidekick, Sabo. “Our primary

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What's New: March 5th Edition

Here at SAS Curriculum Pathways, we are constantly creating content. In our latest update, we have everything from hover cars to dinosaurs! Check them out! La casa From our Spanish language video series, our newest installment is designed to build mastery of the language, introducing and reinforcing Spanish vocabulary about