We're Retiring (Curriculum Pathways)! Here's What You Need to Do.


**Editor’s Note** While we have plans to retire Curriculum Pathways, we want to ensure that teachers have high quality resources to get them through the COVID crisis.  Curriculum Pathways will continue to be available through the end of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Curriculum Pathways started 23 years ago to meet the need for integrated, high quality resources to support teaching and learning in the core disciplines. All of you have made the product what it is today.

With the advent of OER (open educational resources) and thousands of other resources for the core disciplines and more, it’s time to close that chapter and look to a newer, pressing need.

Data and computer science are intricately woven into our lives and are the driving forces behind much of today’s innovation. With 44 states introducing computer science standards and employers endlessly seeking data literate candidates, supporting resources are desperately needed. SAS, a global analytics and data company, is uniquely positioned to provide these resources. Some, like CodeSnaps, are already available to you. Others have yet to be built. This is our new mission.

We will retire Curriculum Pathways on August 31, 2020. It will no longer be available after that date. We know you’ll have questions. Please refer to the FAQ’s below for more details on the plan and where you can go to find alternate resources.

Continue using Curriculum Pathways until August, and please begin updating links to our resources in your course materials. You will also want to encourage students to save their work to external locations.

Thank you for helping us make a difference with students around the world. We couldn’t have done it without your love of learning and innovative spirit. And we still need you. Please check back to learn more about our next chapter. The new resources will continue to be high-quality and free.

The entire Curriculum Pathways team 


How long will Curriculum Pathways be available at www.curriculumpathways.com?
Curriculum Pathways will no longer be available after August 31, 2020.

Will the most popular resources continue to be available?
Many popular resources, such as Flash Cards, Reading Records, the Algebra 1 course, science Virtual Labs, the social studies Narrative Series, Crio, and Writing Reviser/Writing Navigator/Writing Reviser Add-on/Writing Reviser Add-in for Microsoft Word, will no longer be available after August 31, 2020.

Will I still be able to copy or repurpose the content after August 31, 2020?
Content from Curriculum Pathways cannot be legally copied and pasted to other locations. SAS IP (intellectual property) and third-party content within the resources cannot be extracted when performing this kind of action.  Consequently, resources cannot be copied or otherwise repurposed. However, any videos residing on the public YouTube channel can continue to be used. Also, any pdfs associated with resources in Curriculum Pathways® can be downloaded for use beyond the retirement of the product. PDFs are linked from the Lesson Guide for a given lesson.

I use the Curriculum Pathways social studies resources.  Can I continue using them after August 31, 2020
Many of the social studies resources were built using third party assets. SAS negotiated for the use of the assets; those licenses are with SAS directly and can’t be transferred. Consequently, those resources cannot be copied or otherwise repurposed. Videos residing on the public YouTube channel can continue to be used. Also, any pdfs associated with the resources in Curriculum Pathways® can be downloaded for use beyond the retirement of the product.  PDFs are linked from the Lesson Guide for a given lesson.

Which resources will continue to work?
In pursuit of our new mission to develop resources for data literacy, computational thinking, and coding, these resources will remain in place, though they may live in a new domain or may undergo name changes:

  • CodeSnaps: CodeSnaps is a collaborative coding environment requiring only one robot and one iPad. You'll take advantage of tangible, printed coding blocks to prepare programs together on a work surface without a device. When blocks are scanned with the CodeSnaps app, the program is then executed on the connected robot. Supported robots include Sphero, SPRK, SPRK+, and Ollie. Available in the App Store.   CodeSnaps lessons will reside in a new location in the future (and this blog/FAQ will be updated with that new location once it is available).
  • Math Stretch: Math Stretch provides a suite of activities for developing elementary math skills and number sense. Specifically, activities target counting, number relations and operations, and telling and manipulating time. Math Stretch activities offer both practice and quiz modes. Settings allow students, parents, and teachers to control the level of difficulty of each activity independently. Customize each activity to your students’ level with settings.
  • GatherIQ™: GatherIQ is an interactive resource for world changers. It is for people who want to do more than just dream about making the world a better place. GatherIQ allows you to put those dreams into action with our focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What about the mobile apps?
The following mobile apps will no longer be available from the App Store or the Chrome web store after August 31, 2020:
Read Aloud
Reading Records
Data Notebook
Flash Cards
Writing Navigator
Punctuation Rules
Algebra 1 Course
Reach for the Stars
Spanish Video Library (videos will remain on the YouTube channel)
Downloaded apps will continue to work until an iOS or Chrome update removes support. CodeSnaps, Math Stretch, and GatherIQ will remain available and can be downloaded from the App Store. See the FAQ above.

Can I still create new lessons/resources in Crio?
We will retire Curriculum Pathways on August 31, 2020 and it will no longer be available after that date. Users will no longer be able to use the resources that currently reside on the Curriculum Pathways website, nor will they be able to use or create resources in Crio. Instead, you might consider creating lessons in Workbench, which is available at no cost.

Can I continue to use the lessons I created in Crio?
You can continue to create lessons in Crio until Curriculum Pathways is retired. However, after August 31, 2020, lessons created in Crio will no longer be available. We recommend you create those lessons in another platform like Workbench, which is available at no cost. 

Can I edit/remix lessons that I or others created in Crio?
You can continue to edit/remix lessons in Crio until Curriculum Pathways is retired. However, after August 31, 2020, lessons created in Crio will no longer be available. After that time, it will no longer be possible to edit or remix those lessons, whether you created them initially or someone else did.

Will the Curriculum Pathways YouTube videos still be available after August 31, 2020?
Videos on the Curriculum Pathways YouTube channel will remain active after August 31, 2020 – including the Spanish Language Videos.  Continue using those videos via the YouTube channel directly.

Which resources can I use instead of Curriculum Pathways?
There are many OER and paid resources that can be used in place of Curriculum Pathways. Below are a few examples of alternative resources. Please note: this isn’t a comprehensive list and we hope it gives you a good place to start when replacing Curriculum Pathways links in your assignments, courses, and coursework:
Science Virtual Labs => PhET
Math resources => Khan Academy
Writing Reviser => Grammarly
Crio => Workbench
Primary Sources => National Archives, DocsTeach, Spartacus Educational, Fordham University, Avalon Project
Reading Records => mCLASS
Flash Cards => Quizlet
Other resources across disciplines => CK12, Dreambox, Duolingo, Freckle

What do I need to do?
If you’re a teacher: Locate links to Curriculum Pathways resources in your courses/curriculum. Either delete those links or replace them with alternate resources (recommendations below).
Additionally, save your work from Curriculum Pathways. See FAQ below for more details on that process.
If you’re a parent: Locate Curriculum Pathways links you’re using with your children and either delete them or replace them with alternate resources (recommendations below). Assist your child in saving their work from Curriculum Pathways. See FAQ below for more details on that process.
If you’re a student: Save your work from Curriculum Pathways. See FAQ below for more details on that process.

How do I/my students save my/their work from Curriculum Pathways?

  • Log in to your Curriculum Pathways personal student account.
  • Select the briefcase icon labeled ‘Portfolio’ on the white menu bar below the large Welcome image. All the files/essays/lesson responses that you have associated with your account will be listed.
  • Click the pages icon under the ‘Preview’ column to open a document. You will see three buttons at the bottom of the document.
  • Choose the ‘Download’ button and select a location where you can save your document. Make sure it is a location you can remember and access later. For example, you could create a folder called My Curriculum Pathways Work under “Documents” on your laptop or on a Flash/thumb drive. You will need to select and download each document that you want to save.

If you are unable to download your document to a file that you can access later, choose the ‘Send’ button after opening your document. Email a copy of the file to yourself. Or you can ‘Print’ a copy.

NOTE: If you have more than one Curriculum Pathways® student account, you will need to log in to each account to review and save any work currently stored. The work that is saved to your Portfolio for one account is not accessible through another account.


About Author

Lee Ellen Harmer

Outreach and Collaborations Manager

Lee Ellen Harmer is a member of the Social Innovation Division at SAS, a team committed to finding innovative ways to apply SAS® technology to the world's most pressing needs. While focused heavily on global sustainability issues, the Social Innovation team also works to support the next generation of innovators, introducing young learners to data, how it can be used to better understand global issues, and how to turn those insights into action in their own communities. Lee Ellen's role encompasses marketing, communications, and partnerships to help promote the adoption of data literacy, coding, and AI for K12. SAS believes in promoting learning for all, with the goal of building a global community of innovators. Lee Ellen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a marketing concentration from Wake Forest University (Winston Salem, NC).


  1. I'm so sad to hear that the science virtual labs will be going away! The animations and explanations in the Earth Science virtual labs like the plate tectonics and Kepler's Laws are so helpful to my students. Unfortunately, Phet doesn't even come close in those areas!

  2. Amanda TimberMoon on

    I have not found any resources for middle school and high school social studies that come close to as good of a resource as SAS. I'm so sorry to hear that you are shutting down.

  3. Chris Kucahrek on

    I agree that there are no other resources that come close to the quality of the science virtual labs.
    They will be missed!!!

    Any chance on leaving theses labs open on a web site to access the content without any updates?
    Any chance of sending those labs to a different web site like Phet?

    • Lee Ellen Harmer

      Thank you, Chris; we appreciate the compliment. I'm afraid we don't have the ability to leave the labs open. In fact, PhET is one of the sites we mention on the list of potential resources that could be used in place of Curriculum Pathways science virtual labs.

  4. I use the Naturalism and Realism Video Quick Link #1268. Will this still be available or is there a way to download it?

  5. Alicia Michelle on

    Grammarly is good for what it is, but it is nothing like Writing Reviser! I am so sad to see that Writing Reviser is being retired. As a teacher, I directed all my students to it - and their parents. Not only did my students benefit from the proofing help but many of them actually had concepts like fragments and pronoun-antecedent agreement "click" only after using this tool. What a sad day 7/15/2020 will be!

  6. I regularly use some of the lessons on SAS, such as QL# 1256. That style of lesson. How can I keep/save that particular lesson and others like it.
    ie. #1262

    The website is my school's website.

    • Lee Ellen Harmer

      I'm afraid the social studies narrative series lessons will all be retired with Curriculum Pathways on August 31, 2020 and that particular lesson will no longer be available. Due to third party content within the lesson, there isn't a way to save or keep that lesson when Curriculum Pathways is retired.

  7. Kathryn Murchison on

    This is very frustrating news. I have used the interactive social studies activities and the writing reviser for more than a decade now. And there is nothing of similar quality available out there, especially in the realm of social studies content. As a teacher, I wish you would reconsider maintaining access for the already existing resources.

  8. First, I would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Curriculum Pathways has always provided FREE, WONDERFUL curriculum support resources for our students and teachers. This is my 23rd year as a school librarian and I have used them all 23 years they have been in existence! That said, my headline when I forwarded your retirement message to my staff said, "SAD NEWS".

    My personal favorite, Writing Reviser will be missed by SO MANY of our teachers and students! Our high school English teachers have had students use it for years, and last year our History and Marketing teachers/classes started requiring students to use it for their papers. Writing Reviser is so individualized and different than any other product out there, it will be missed tremendously! Writing Reviser has helped MANY students improve their writing..and their grades! We will miss you!

    • Lee Ellen Harmer

      Thank you so much for this glowing review, Joan. We really appreciate your advocacy over the years and we are so glad that you've found the resources to be beneficial. We hope you'll join us in our future ventures - we can help get the students coding across the curriculum with CodeSnaps!

  9. Anna Blackwell on

    Would you be willing to keep the program running if schools paid for the services? Your social studies resources have been amazing for my classes the last few years, and Curriculum
    Pathways is something I'd be happy to start paying for.

      • Hi, Lee Ellen.

        Like Joan (above), I'd like to first thank you and everyone involved in offering so many helpful resources to all of us without charge. Could there be any opportunity to share the code for some of these resources--specifically, the Google Add on for the Writing Reviser and/or the Writing Navigator app--that might allow someone else to keep the programs running. If not, would you be able to explain why?

        Thank you again for all the information and for being thoughtful in your relaying information as timely as possible.


        • Lee Ellen Harmer

          Thank you so much for your longstanding support, Andy. We so appreciate that and your generous thoughts on the product! Our leadership and development teams considered many options with regard to the retirement of the product. Given legal constraints around intellectual property and third party assets in Curriculum Pathways resources, we are unable to share the code with anyone outside of SAS. With the momentum of OER resources, we do hope that this area will continue to grow and evolve into more robust materials. Regarding the Writing Reviser/Writing Navigator specifically, you could even reach out to Grammarly with your suggestions and feedback and see if they might incorporate additional features into their product.

  10. Dear SAS Staff,

    On behalf of my colleagues and students (past and present), I just wanted to express my profound gratitude for the educational resources/services you have provided over the years. Although we are saddened by your decision to retire, we are grateful for your efforts and hope that your next chapter brings meaning and fulfillment to each of your staff. Our students have certainly benefited from your services, and I hope this comment reaches each of your employees, reminding them of the small but important impact they have made in our world.


    • Lee Ellen Harmer

      Dear Matt,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and express your gratitude. We are so glad to hear that the resources were beneficial for you and your students and we do hope that our next chapter has the same effect. I will most certainly pass your comments on to the team. Thank you again!
      Best, Lee Ellen

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