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Are you excited about introducing the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals to your classroom but not sure how to get started?  Let GatherIQ help.

This free educational tool from SAS uses analytics to support the efforts of teachers, nonprofits, and a growing community of citizens wanting to make a difference. GatherIQ contains a wealth of resources like videos, quizzes, articles, infographics, and podcasts as well as critical data stories to support the #SDGs. Check out the variety of resources available with examples for Goals 14 and 15.

But wait! There's more!

Here’s a “Starter Kit” with free resources for educators who want to learn more about Global Goals and how to integrate them in their curriculum. This free lesson explores the educational scaffolding the Global Goals offer, helping teachers inspire students to master content and build skills necessary for local and global problem-solving.

Finally, the World's Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action.

So there you have it — all you need to jump start your students' engagement with the Sustainable Global Goals. Now it's up to you!

Interested in learning more about Global Goals and Project-Based Learning?

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