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If you've been teaching for more than a few weeks you have already begun the process of collecting, curating, and sharing lessons, resources, and tools that engage your students and support your curriculum. But how to collect all of these various materials in one place, in a format that engages and informs your students?

Three North Carolina middle school teachers faced exactly that challenge. Learn how they discovered and adopted Crio, a free Open Education Resource provided by Curriculum Pathways, to transform their classrooms.

Here are Greg, Ryan, and Bryan's thoughts about Crio in more detail:

Two years ago the middle school that we teach at became a STEM school. As a PLC we had reservations about incorporating STEM and PBLs into our lessons. We worried if we would have the time to get through the curriculum while doing so much new stuff. At the beginning of last school year we were introduced to Curriculum Pathways and CRIO. We quickly made a little lesson on the War of 1812 and saw how well our students responded.

As we began to use lessons created with CRIO more frequently, we learned that we were able to curate all of our materials into one place and create lessons that were interactive and meaningful. Differentiation became easier, and students who had truancy issues were able to access our lessons and keep up with the rest of the class in their absence.

Best of all, we were able to cover the material more quickly and in more detail because it was now so much better chunked and organized, this gave us the extra time to do PBLs with our students. CRIO has really changed how we teach in a positive way.

The team at Curriculum Pathways has been wonderful to work with when we need help and whenever we have concerns or suggestions we are always delighted to see that not only are we heard, but that the software is updated to address those concerns quickly. Thank you SAS, Curriculum Pathways, and CRIO for what you have done for us, and especially for our students

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Better yet - enroll in one of our free online professional development courses. Choose one of the "Getting Started with Curriculum Pathways courses to learn about all of the resources for your specific grade level and discipline - and get started with Crio too!

Want to just watch a quick video on how Crio works - here you go!



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Ralph Moore coordinates and conducts professional development for Curriculum Pathways. He works with schools and organizations around the country and has presented at conferences for organizations such as the National Council for the Social Studies and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. A former army officer and social studies teacher, he spent 10 years on the Curriculum Pathways humanities team creating new digital curriculum products.

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