ISTE 2019: Seven Amazing Sessions, One Demo Area + the World!


If you are anything like us, then you are excited for ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia. (Some of us have even begun packing.) We can't wait to share all that is new in Curriculum Pathways with thousands of educators from across the country and the world. ISTE has always been a fantastic opportunity to discuss the future of technology in learning with educators, administrators, makers, and creators. And we are confident 2019 will continue to fulfill this promise.

Here's the 411 7-1-1 on where Curriculum Pathways will be at ISTE. We hope to see you there, June 23 to June 26 (or on social media if you are #notatISTE).

Seven Amazing Sessions

Join us for one or more of these posters and sessions. If you miss the session, visit us at booth 700 — or do both!

  1. Unleash Your Imagination, Transform Your Lessons and Share With the World
    Open content from primary sources, websites, videos, speakers, and podcasts is a key component in building an effective, student-centered learning experience. Learn about free tools that enable educators to create open, online lessons that combine these resources with appropriate questioning and targeted feedback to support differentiation and stimulate learning.
  2. How does the internet work? And Other Questions You're Embarrassed to Ask
    Computers, smart phones, email, web browsers, apps—we use them every day, but do you know how they all work? More importantly, could you teach your students about them? Feed your curiosity, build your confidence, and ask your basic, complicated, or “embarrassing” questions to our panel of friendly computer scientists.
  3. ISTE Bytes: Preview Wednesday's Annotate This!
    This rapid-fire presentation introduces the map-making tool, inquiry-based learning session.
  4. U.N. Sustainable Development Goals: A Global Scaffolding for Inquiry-Based Learning
    Imagine the 17 SDGs as online scaffolding to help students find relevance and new applications for standards-based learning. Challenge students to examine scientific concepts, patterns of human injustice, and data analysis skills in a global context. Identify components of local projects that are relevant to assessing global sustainability issues.
  5. Improve Student Writing With a Free Microsoft Add-in
    Among the millions of Microsoft Office users are students who increasingly rely on add-ins to create essays, lab reports, blog posts and other forms of communication. Discover the free Writing Reviser Add-in, a tool that helps students using Microsoft improve any type of writing.
  6. Annotate This! Inviting Student Commentary and Analysis Ignites Creative Learning
    Explore a map-making tool that challenges students to answer "how" and "why" questions in a geographic context. Discover annotation tools that help students deconstruct the complex ideas embedded in political cartoons. These personalized annotations enable inquiry-based learning. It is the synergy of technology and creativity that ISTE Standards demand.
  7. Monitor Target Language Proficiency: Strategies and Resources for World Language and ELL
    Learn strategies for monitoring target language oral proficiency. Discover free tools and resources that model authentic ELL and Spanish language use and that form and allow educators to markup fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Learn how to strengthen early language and build linguistic skills.

One Demo Area

Stop by booth 700 in the demo hall. You'll have a chance to meet with our knowledgeable staff, including former master teachers, who have brought over 2,000 resources to Curriculum Pathways — all aligned to state and national standards, all provided for FREE.

We can't wait to share what's new this year! In the booth we will have some exciting opportunities to try out three of our most popular resources: Crio, CodeSnaps and Writing Reviser. Crio enables anyone to create interactive, online resources using elements designed to foster higher-order thinking. Whether you've coded before or not, you've never coded like this: CodeSnaps allows you to code using printed blocks that, when scanned into the CodeSnaps app, control a connected robot. And Writing Reviser enables you, your students, and anybody to revise writing like a pro. Using artificial intelligence (AI), and also available as a Google Doc Add-on and Microsoft Word Add-in, this innovative tool helps students analyze their own work to find wordiness, passive verbs, and many other stumbling blocks to clear writing.

+ the World!

Familiar with the 17 Global Goals set by the United Nations for a better world? On Monday at ISTE, Curriculum Pathways is announcing GatherIQ, an app and website that teaches students about the United Nation’s 17 Global Goals and inspires them to take action and help make the world a better place for all. As with all Curriculum Pathways products, it’s totally free. No catch.

So come by and visit!

Visit with us — in our sessions or at booth 700 — and have a "Wow" moment. We look forward to the conversations at ISTE each year to spark innovation and fill our roadmap with new features, resources, and updates. Let us know how we can make our resources better for you and for teachers and students!

Don't forget to stop by to grab some great swag too!

#notatISTE this year?

Check out these videos to learn about all that Curriculum Pathways has to offer — for free!


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