The Crio element you've been waiting for: Image Markup and Draw!


You asked; we listened! We are thrilled to release our latest element to the Crio lesson building tool: Image Markup and Draw. From marking up images to drawing their own creations, this flexible tool has limitless possibilities for student response. For students, the element includes a free-draw pen and marker, a highlighter, shapes and arrows, and a labeling tool. Consider these examples.

Free Draw

Use the blank canvas or graph paper to allow students to draw an answer.


Highlight text or portions of an image with the highlighter pen.

Image Markup

Upload your own images for students to annotate and illustrate.


Use the text box tool to have students label a diagram.


The shape tools are great for circling and identifying parts of an image.

How will YOU use this element with your students?


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Lucy Kosturko is a curriculum development specialist and research scientist with Curriculum Pathways. She primarily develops and evaluates content for the team's suite of mobile applications. She joined the team in 2013 after earning a PhD in educational psychology from North Carolina State University. During her graduate work, she specialized in self-regulated learning, reading comprehension, and educational technology. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their dogs, Pig and Job.

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