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March is full of celebrations of reading, particularly those that encourage us to share our love of reading with others. It's National Reading Month, kicking off with Dr. Seuss' birthday and NEA's Read Across America Day.

At Curriculum Pathways, we're celebrating reading every day—developing literacy and early reading skills is part of our mission. We've got resources for readers at every skill level, from our Read Aloud and Reading Records apps for iPad to Resources for Struggling Readers at all grade levels.

With Read Aloud, we've made sharing the joy of reading with young readers an integral part of the app.

Sharing with Read Aloud

Recreate the storytime experience, even when you're apart. Do your grandchildren live across the country? Kids, is your parent deployed? Teachers, do you want voice recordings of your students reading aloud?

With Read Aloud, readers can record themselves reading books from the library and share their recordings with the tap of a button.

Recording Your Voice

Using the recording interface, record your voice reading aloud. Drag your finger across the green bars as you read to generate your personal word-by-word highlighting. Finally, share your brilliant rendition with friends and family when logged in with your Curriculum Pathways account. Now your recipient can choose from a list of familiar voices when it's time to cozy up with a book!

Laugh along with Goat in the Boat or read about your favorite sport with I Love Soccer—read by Mom, Grandpa, your teacher, or yourself!

Reading Records

Monitor reading skills in a more time-efficient manner with Reading Records. Students read and record a passage, answer related quiz questions, and retell what they've read in their own words. The tool's library contains numerous reading passages (various Lexile levels, both fiction and nonfiction). Teachers can also generate their own passages.

Resources for Struggling Readers

Our Resources for Struggling Readers can help readers at all levels. They include a collection of our favorite Curriculum Pathways web lessons, inquiries and interactive resources for English language arts to help provide direct reading instruction or support for students who struggle with reading.

Use these resources to teach students about reading as a skill, guide students through specific literary works, ask students to read examples of different genres of fiction and nonfiction, and much more.

Share with Us

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