Supporting Teaching and Learning with Crio and Graphic Organizers


Crio, the free, online lesson-building tool from Curriculum Pathways, now enables you to incorporate graphic organizers into your Crio lessons!

Graphic organizers allow students to interact even further with the content of your Crio lessons. Within the organizers, they can visually organize thoughts, brainstorm concepts, classify ideas, and demonstrate relationships between concepts, ideas, and facts. Useful in any subject area and for any grade level, organizers can be used before, during, or after instruction. Implemented effectively, graphic organizers can enhance student understanding and meet the needs of all learners.

Three different organizers are now available in Crio, with more on the way!

2-Column Organizer

Here’s how a social studies teacher might use a 2-column organizer for students to take notes after reviewing a video.

3-Column Organizer

Here’s how a science teacher might use a 3-column organizer for students to record observations.

Input-Output Organizer

And here’s how a math teacher might use the input-output organizer.

How to add an organizer to your lesson

To add an organizer, simply drag the element from the left panel to the desired location. Then drag any question element, text, audio, image, video, documents, or Google Drive elements into any empty cell of the organizer. Like question elements, organizers can be numbered, and student feedback can be added.

For more details, check out our Crio FAQ: What organizers are available, and how do I add them to my lesson?

Have ideas for additional organizers? Let us know.


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Staci Lyon

Staci Lyon is a mathematics curriculum specialist with Curriculum Pathways. She taught high school mathematics for 12 years in Wake County and Granville County. She also taught with North Carolina Virtual Public School. She received both a M.Ed. degree in Instructional Technology and a B. S. degree in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University. Working alongside a team, she enjoys developing the award winning online math resources for Curriculum Pathways that allow teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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