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As the new school year gets under way, you may be looking to ease your students back into English language arts. Here are a few ways that Curriculum Pathways can help.

Check out Crio!

Ready to give shape to some new ideas about novels or writing types you will be teaching this year? Use our brand new drag-and-drop editor to transform your static, paper-based lesson plans into online resources; and you don't need any programming skills. Imagine, create, and share lessons that inspire students' natural curiosity. Include audio, text, images, video, and interactive content.

Your best ideas can now reach students around the world!

Punctuation Rules!

Start the new school year by reviewing the basic rules of punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and so on. With Punctuation Rules! students learn to use commas, semicolons, apostrophes, and other punctuation marks by watching humorous videos and engaging in interactive practice and assessment activities. Best of all, this tool evaluates the student's own sentences using the same language parser as in our Writing Reviser. Punctuation Rules! is also available as an iPad/iOS app!

Writing Reviser Add-on for Google Docs

That's right! You can now get our powerful student writing tool, Writing Reviser, as a free Add-on for Google Docs!


Curriculum Pathways also features numerous English language arts lessons on writing, language, and literature. Here are a few samples:

Frederick Douglass Shows How to Avoid Fragments and Run-ons

In this lesson, students follow simple directions in Writing Reviser to see how a talented writer constructs effective sentences and avoids fragments and run-ons. Students also use the tool to revise sentences.

Active Listening

Use this lesson to focus on active listening techniques as a foundation for improving academic performance and personal relationships. Students identify communication problems and learn strategies for responding to these challenges.

Want more?

Did you know we have over 287 English language arts resources available at no cost? From Mark Twain to prepositional phrases, we've got you covered.


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Terry Hardison

Terry Hardison oversees the development of English language arts resources for Curriculum Pathways. Prior to joining SAS, Terry worked for 21 years as a teacher and as a district-level English language arts supervisor.

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