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Curriculum Pathways offers a suite of Quick Tutorials: Spanish for learning core Spanish content for beginning, intermediate and advance levels. Students watch a video and listen to native speakers, Carmen and Roberto, as they discuss several topics. Each tutorial highlights the proper use and form of a grammatical element in a contextualized content. The tutorials also have a práctica section and transcript.

Learn how to say "hello" and "goodbye" in Spanish with Saludos y Despedidas.

Here are all of the available Spanish Quick Tutorials:

El Futuro y El Condicional (QL #1302) In Spanish, what is the difference between "will" and "would"? Learn the conjugations for the future and conditional tenses.

El Pretérito y El Imperfecto (QL #1303) How do you state a past action in Spanish? Learn when to use the imperfect and the preterite.

El a Personal (QL #1304) Why does Spanish have a personal a? Learn how to use the personal a.

Los Verbos Regulares –ar  (QL #1305) How do you conjugate Spanish verbs in the present tense? Learn the endings for regular -ar verbs.

El Subjuntivo (QL #1306) When do you use the subjunctive mood? Learn how to express hopes, wishes, wants, and doubts.

Saludos y Despedidas (QL #1515)  How do you say "hello" and "goodbye" in Spanish? Learn about Spanish greetings (saludos) and farewells (despedidas).

Me Gusta … No Me Gusta (QL # 1516) How do you use the verb gustar in Spanish? Learn about stating likes and dislikes in Spanish.

Informal Commands (QL #1301) How would you ask a friend or family member to help you with something? Learn how and when to use affirmative, singular, informal commands in Spanish.

Forming Adjectives (QL #1307) Why do Spanish adjectives have different endings? Learn about noun-adjective agreement.

The Spanish Quick Tutorials are also available on the Curriculum Pathways YouTube page.

Want more videos? Curriculum Pathways offers a Spanish Video Library. These visually dynamic videos are intended for beginning-level Spanish learners. Vocabulary word and phrases are presented in context by native speakers. Assessment materials and relevant related flash cards also build vocabulary skills. Themes include:

You can also find these videos in the Spanish Video Library for Apple TV.


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