What's New for May 2018


Spring brings warmer weather, blooming flowers, and new resources from Curriculum Pathways! Don't miss these exciting lessons and updates.

Writing Reviser

Our April release features dramatic new enhancements to Writing Reviser. To improve the sentence economy section, Writing Reviser now highlights expletives—words or phrases (e.g., "There are...") that often gum up a sentence without adding meaning. To support sentence variety, we highlight words appearing more than once in a sentence or in two successive sentences, and we identify noun or pronoun subjects repeated in successive sentences. Finally, the sentence clarity section now helps students spot and avoid vague references, reckless overstatements, and unembedded quotations.

Data on the Fly

We are excited to announce a fantastic project-based learning unit, Data on the Fly. Through this lesson, students learn how Newton's Laws of Motion relate to the forces of flight. They learn about navigation and communication, as well as how to build an aircraft monitoring device. Then they interpret flight data collected by the device. The data set included in this lesson was collected by high school students during a Data on the Fly event at RDU International airport.

Computer Science

CodeSnaps continues to be a favorite resource among the Curriculum Pathways portfolio. This open-ended coding environment allows for a lot of lesson creativity and embedding coding across the curriculum. We recently updated our Square Dancing lesson, a coding extension for the math classroom, as well as our Rolling Friction and Surfaces lesson for extending your science instruction.

English Language Arts

Foster students' close reading skills with our new Reading for Decision-Making lesson. Put those critical reading skills to work with The Salem Witch Trials. Through this lesson, students build a knowledge base for evaluating testimony. They find, analyze, and interpret facts about an event based on web resources; develop and express empathetic responses; draw conclusions; and evaluate the validity of trial testimony.


Looking for ready-to-go, standards-aligned math lesson? We recently updated the following lessons to include more interactive, engaging elements for students.


Data Depot

Our Data Depot has new and updated data sets, which are cleaned and available for download, making them a great addition to all subject areas.

  • Electromagnetic Exposure Standards (updated)
  • Top Five Baby Names (updated)
  • Train Accidents (updated)
  • Train Mileage (updated)
  • Transportation Fatalities (updated)
  • Visitors to U.S. National Parks (updated)
  • Passport Issuance by State (updated)
  • Single Aircraft Record
  • Threatened and Endangered Species (updated)
  • U.S. Passports Issued (updated)
  • U.S. Passport Applications Received (updated)
  • Valid Passports in Circulation (updated)


Social Studies

Our social studies team has been busy updating lessons on The World Trade Organization, Civil Rights: Desegregating the Military, and African Kingdoms: Timbuktu


Finally, we continue to add to our collection of introductory Spanish vocabulary lessons. Here are our latest offerings:


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